UAE’s Council of Ministers agrees on the fees for the FTA’s (Federal Tax Authority) services and penalties for tax violations in the country.


Registration fees

Tax registration services and electronic tax registration certificates are free of charge, while a paper registration certificate costs 500 AED. Registration and renewal fees for tax agents are set at 3,000 AED/3 years.Registration and renewal fees of an accounting software provider is set at 10,000 AED/year.

Tax designated zones registration is set at 2000 AED/year. Registering a warehouse keeper and requesting an electronic certificate is free of charge, while a printed certificate costs 500 AED.

Violations and Penalties

The fines accepted by the Council applies to tax procedures, excise tax, and VAT. Fines for a tax violation can’t be less than 500 AED and no more than triple the tax amount on the transaction. Payment of the fine doesn’t exempt the party from paying the tax amount due.

To learn more about registration, procedures, penalties, objections, and about more highlights of the tax procedural law in the UAE, click here.

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