We are aware that there are reports and increased speculation as to the date upon which various Member States may be announcing that VAT is to be implemented. Generally news such as this is unhelpful, as if/when reports proves not to be correct it has the potential to result in further speculation as to whether or not VAT will be implemented at all.


Accordingly, we will refrain from adding to this, other than to place the most recent reports and speculation in context.


Oman may implement VAT by 1 September 2019


Statements have been made that VAT is coming to Oman, as early as 1st September 2019, by a senior member of the Omani Ministry of Finance. These statements have been reported in the press (including the Times of Oman and the Oman Daily Observer) with a message that business should start to prepare for VAT. Official clarifications are expected shortly.


Bahrain to implement VAT in 2019


There is also significant talk and reporting as to when Bahrain may implement VAT. Suffice to say that the general intention has been that most Member States were to implement VAT by the end of 2019.